11 Chiropractic Exercises at Home to Alleviate Lower Back Pain

Are you suffering from lower back pain? Well, you’re not alone. It’s one of the most common problems for adults over 40. But don’t stress, you can use some simple and effective chiropractic exercises at home as well as some simple lifestyle changes to resolve your problem. Disclaimer: this post has not been written by … Read more

How to stop google sheets from rounding numbers

In this post, we explore how to stop your Google Sheets rounding numbers up or down. While working with Google sheets you might have come across cases when Google will round up your numbers on the sheet when you actually don’t want that to happen. For example, if you are calculating percentage of sales and … Read more

4 ways to find love using Kik dating usernames

It’s not really surprising you are looking for Kik dating usernames. Traditional dating sites like Match.com and OK Cupid spend millions of dollars on algorithms and advertising to help you find a date, but the costs and constraints of these services can sometimes be a turnoff and not very accurate.  Social networking sites like Facebook … Read more